Making heritage work


Heritage Places is a heritage consultancy with offices in the UK and Italy, providing advice on the historic environment to national and local government, public sector funders, property and investment managers, developers, and other commercial, professional and institutional clients.

Heritage Places are all about us

Heritage places, heritage spaces: city streets, towns and villages; World Heritage Sites and historic areas; individual buildings, archaeological sites and urban or landed estates; squares, parks and designed landscapes of particular interest.

Heritage places are vital assets in our modern world. They are our legacy from the past; yet, they must work to survive. They should be used responsibly, but to greatest benefit, for today and tomorrow. That challenge is our business. Heritage places are all about us and we are Heritage Places.

Making Heritage work

We work with places and spaces of interest and potential. We help clients and communities to understand and make best use of heritage assets, be they in their care, in their area, or in the setting of a planned development.

Understanding Heritage

Understanding heritage is the golden key to making it work. Our business is built on that principle: first understand, then use heritage responsibly and sustainably. The depth of our experience makes us leaders in assessing the value of heritage assets, analysing settings, and exploring potential.

Planning for Heritage

The protection and enhancement of heritage and its significance lie at the very heart of the planning process. We will help you put an understanding of heritage to work in planning projects: assessing impacts, justifying change, enhancing plans, shaping places, making heritage work.

Condition Surveys

An appreciation of condition and repair needs is essential for responsible heritage asset management and conservation planning. Condition and building audits of heritage require a different skill set and approach to those on modern structures. That is the experience that we bring to help make heritage work.

Asset Management

Heritage is often forgotten in asset management. We keep saying it: heritage assets are different. They require special focus; individual attention; alternative processes. While this is a challenge to managers, it also means untapped potential. Used well, treated responsibly, heritage adds value.

Recording Places + Spaces

It seems obvious that since heritage adds value to society, its places and spaces of significance should be well-recorded. Then again, heritage cannot always be protected in the planning balance. Sometimes, progress involves the most fundamental change or loss. That, too, demands targeted high quality recording.

Art in Historic Settings

Public art and heritage are natural allies in place-shaping, each enhancing the potential of the other. Public art in historic settings has real potential to provide improved understanding and new interpretations of heritage. That is our mission, planning for art with understanding, engagement and co-operation.

Policy + Guidance

Robust research, policy and guidance, and retrospective evaluation are all fundamentals for responsible asset management, planning, and funding. Our wealth of experience in this arena covers regulatory and advisory documentation for government, operational procedures for management organisations, and, research and monitoring for funders.


Training for heritage management staff, regulators, and present and future practitioners in the sector is vital. Heritage capacity building really matters. We offer international expertise in best practice knowledge management and dissemination. Spreading the word about heritage and its value; making it work.